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Objective C seems to be a better programming language than Swift and Objective C. With a legacy of over 30 years, Objective C has grown a community of many developers and experts. Almost all the answers of Objective C have been answered to date and it gives a huge amount of support and free resources for the new and upcoming developers. Swift, being a new language seems to lack swift vs objective-c on this front. Objective-C runtime is very clever under the hood and whats more important veeeery fast. For each method pass runtime has to look up in a dispatch table dynamically method implementation for given selector. It doesn’t care about object type (Objective-C is dynamically-typed language with optional static typing) as long as it will find an entry in that table.

swift objective c

The complex structure makes it difficult for first-language to learn and even experienced developers face some difficulties in shifting to Objective C. Objective C is compatible with any available version of iOS. This robust nature of objective C makes it more sustainable over some time as developers don’t have to worry about constant version changes of iOS. Swift throws out errors on the basic programming mistakes/bad code that is being written. Though It might mean that you are getting a lot of errors as developers, it also accounts for a short feedback loop and a better understanding of the code for developers.

Swift Talk

Simpler syntax and performing type checking at compile-time, help Swift to outperform Objective-C. Moreover, Swift supports Dynamic libraries which boost application performance as well. It is almost 2.6x faster than objective C and 8.4x faster than Python which gives a seamless experience to the developers.

  • Interface and implementation aren’t separated – they’re both in the same file.
  • Performance takes into account factors such as compile time, memory usage, and much more.
  • Since Swift’s introduction, iOS developers have started passionately arguing about which language is better.
  • One of my concerns with this feature is that it may be difficult to teach developers how it is different from traditional Objective-C interop and when to use each one.

Apple claims Swift to be 2.6 times faster than Objective-C. It is possible thanks to the fact that Swift has been created as a completely new language with the purpose to be… Moreover, as Objective C supports pointers, it also supports the referencing of variables while swift handles the variables by values. However, by using an intermediate helper class, it is possible to call the Swift library from Objective-C. Call the Objective-C library from Swift code by simply adding a bridging header to your project, and importing the appropriate headers.

The Good and the Bad of Swift Programming Language

It is important to understand that Swift is not the “successor” of Objective C. Swift is developed by Apple to make the developing process easier, faster, and more precise. The complexity of the code remains to be a major factor. With Swift, coding becomes super easy with a limited number of lines. But in the case of Objective-C, it can result in crashing the application. Maintenance remains to be complex with Objective-C compared to Swift. On the other hand, with Swift, maintenance becomes hassle-free.

Apple provides a great opportunity to learn and explore coding in Swift with Swift Playgrounds. And the community is out there sharing and improving thesoftware documentationwhile making Swift a new programming standard. It has a vibrant strong community that actively contributes to its formation. At this stage of development, Swift isn’t restricted to the Apple ecosystem only. All signs point to Swift becoming an immensely popular programming language.

Best Practices for Successful Objective- C and Swift Interoperability

Because Swift is still a young language, we can expect even more enhancements soon. A few months ago, Ryan Olson scoured the App Store to find out how many applications are already taking advantage of Swift. His investigation revealed that a little over 10% of the top 100 free applications contained some Swift. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Swift’s general approach . Apple created this to produce sturdy Apple operating systems.

Objective C functions can be extended from their original form and can be customized as per the convenience by addition of some functions. This ability to customize programs makes it even more powerful.

Objective C: Overview

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swift objective c

The number of developers who know how to use it is decreasing. Because Objective-C is harder to learn and use, most new iOS developers start their careers by exclusively learning Swift. On the other hand, experienced developers who are acquainted with Objective-C are usually familiar with Swift, or at least ready to learn it. Your dream solution might be the best ever seen, but without specialists, who know how to use it, it’s futile. For a company, it’s crucial to know how expensive and easy to find their developers are.

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The number of Objective-C developers will decline, while the population of Swift developers will grow. Proper support gives you the certainty that you will have access to know-how you need for successful development. Apart from professional support, it’s also helpful to be part of a community of experts who will back you up with their experience and knowledge. The development environment is where the magic happens.

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